Weather Data
for Turfgrass Managers


T3 provides accurate, high resolution weather forecasts to help manage tight budgets and high expectations from owners and members.


Use our simple calculator to see how much T3's Evapotranspiration forecast will save you in estimated annual irrigation costs alone:

Average ET Rate:   (in/day)
Average ET Error:   (%)

Manage turf, labor and club operations knowing that you're always ahead of the weather. Inform yourself with instantly adjustable alert thresholds.

Normal weather resources leave you to make the call. T3 is revolutionizing forecasting with the most accurate turf-centric weather forecasts available. Evapotranspiration, Frost Delay Chance, Cloud Cover, Soil Temperature, Soil Moisture content, and more are available on an hourly basis.



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Why is T3 Better?



  • High resolution model with grid size of less than 2 miles
  • Pinpoint accuracy with specific lat/lon for your property


  • 48-hour forecasts by the hour
  • Specific data for specific jobs at specific times


  • Exclusive turf-focused forecasts for incoming solar radiation, plant canopy moisture, and ET
  • Proprietary algorithm for frost formation and dissipation


  • All the forecasts you need in one place
  • Available on all devices: phone, laptop, tablet


  • You set the thresholds and T3 alerts you

Expert Support

  • Team of meteorologists available by phone, text, and email
  • Ready to answer questions about T3's forecasts

You and up to four employees can use T3 free for four weeks to experience how it can help your program.


No immediate commitment necessary. Because many of the forecasts are new even to experienced turf managers, you deserve a look before you subscribe.

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