Herb Stevens

Among a variety of professional experiences, Herb Stevens has been the chief meteorologist for the NBC affiliate in Albany, New York and one of the original on-camera meteorologists for The Weather Channel. In addition, he was The Skiing Weatherman, a syndicated snow report segment that aired for 27 years in more than 30 eastern television markets. He also has been an on-course commentator for the PGA TOUR NETWORK on Sirius/XM radio.

A former PGA Tour caddy and competitor in both the U.S. and British Amateur Championships, Stevens received his B.S. degree in Meteorology from Penn State in 1975. Eighteen years ago, Stevens combined his loves of weather and golf and created Grass Roots Weather, a forecasting service for golf course superintendents.

A resident of Wakefield, Rhode Island, Stevens is married with 2 children.



Garrett Bastardi

Golf and weather have both been a big part of Garrett’s life since he was quite young. Playing competitive golf from his early teens onward and growing up around the game, Bastardi turned professional in 2017 and has played in numerous State Opens and mini-tour events, as well as Monday qualifiers for Korn Ferry and PGA Tour events.

In addition to playing amateur and professional golf, Bastardi has had a lifetime of experience around the field of meteorology. Both his father and grandfather are degreed meteorologists and have worked in the field for decades. Bastardi has also studied Meteorology and Political Science (BA) at Penn State University.



Andy Moffitt

While in college, Andy Moffitt created innovative algorithms that predicted specific weather parameters for agriculture. He co-founded Innovation Weather, LLC around these algorithms, worked with one of the largest food conglomerates to implement this technology, and ultimately sold the company after graduating.

He served as the president of the Campus Weather Service, one of the largest student-run weather forecasting organizations, and obtained his B.S. degree in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science from Penn State in 2018. Moffitt has experience forecasting in a wide range of microclimates including coastal, temperate, and mountainous. Most recently, he has worked as a broadcast meteorologist at the ABC affiliate in Eugene, Oregon.

Growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Moffitt has always enjoyed outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and landscape photography. Currently, Moffitt resides in the Sacramento, California area.



Steve Hallett

Steve Hallett serves as the company lead for algorithm and product development. A degreed meteorologist, golfer, and Certified Flight Instructor, he is consistently in-tune with atmospheric activity from the fairways to the fair skies. Here, he combines his entrepreneurial & meteorological drive to further a sport that has been enjoyed by himself and his family for generations.